Shopify to Netsuite

Shopify makes a great front-end for Netsuite. Clean modern designs; Out-of-the-box content delivery network integration; active designers/developers and thousands of apps; responsive checkout.

What's missing is a straightforward way to synchronize with Netsuite. KNetShop provides a simple to set-up and interface interface to synchronize your shop data with Netsuite.

KNetShop Features

  • Two-way automation means orders and fulfillments flow automatically between systems.
  • Understands Shopify's default payment gateway to take deposits when you use Shopify's automatic capture and deposit feature
  • Real-time inventory synch based on Shopify's Fulfillment Service spec.
  • Allows you to either manage all your products in Netsuite and automatically populate Shopify or manage each system separately and let KNetShop's Item Linker match items to variants
  • Matrix based and pluggable product-variant strategies for product management from Netsuite to Shopify
  • Highly configurable product mapping system
  • Plugin based proxy gateway to allow code in Netsuite to provide real-time data to the Shopify front-end


KNetShop grew out of work done in late 2014 and has been in used continuously in production since June 2016.