Fantail provides fast, modern ecommerce for Netsuite.

Fantail is a framework that allows efficient and scalable ecommerce from any databse driven website and comes out-of-the-box with a sample site written in Next.js for blazing speeds and total control over the pages returned by your site. Fantail's API bridge is hosted on AWS for on-demand scalability. Fantail's default site is also hosted on AWS but can be hosted anywhere.

More and more eCommerce is eCommerce-on-the-go. A modern website needs to work with mobile users and be responsive to whatever device your customers access it with.

If you want a responsive mobile website with modern features but you don't want to give up the business efficiencies of hosting with Netsuite then you need Fantail.

How Do I Get It?

Right now Fantail is in limited Beta testing. If you'd like to get involved or be notified when it's ready for general use let me know in an email. Fantail's bundle based tools allow direct migration from Sitebuilder based sites.

Why Fantail?

A fantail is the small sail at the rear of a windmill. It's job is to make the windmill responsive by turning the main sail directly into the wind. Fantail is named because before now trying to put modern features into a Netsuite website has sometimes felt like tilting at windmills.