Cases and Examples

Enduring Vision

In 2009 a group of 4 Wharton Business School students had an idea for a term project. They started with an idea; VC funding and a Netsuite account. The brand they founded is Warby Parker. Their vision required a change in the checkout flow of their Netsuite shopping cart and they needed a developer capable of realizing their vision. They found me.

Not only was I able to help them get their unique Netsuite website off the ground I was also able to help them implement their visionary HomeTry-On program. The program is physically handled by a 3PL who manages Warby Parker's inventory. Integration included automating the transmission of new home try on orders from Netsuite to the 3PL and receiving shipment and returns notices from the 3PL back to Netsuite.

Warby Parker relies on customization from KotN to allocate orders to the multiple optical labs who fulfill Warby Parker's prescription orders. The allocation system balances orders between labs taking into account:stock level of frames; lab capabilities and shipment costs and transit times. KotN code also sends the orders to the labs through their various interfaces - SOAP and REST Web Services and good-old CSVs via FTP.

Miscellaneous work has included flagging orders by type for processing by different work groups and flagging various custom properties on the orders to allow sales effectiveness analysis and responsive customer service.

As of 2014 Warby Parker has over 100 employees and continues to innovate their use of Netsuite with the assistance of Knights of the Net.

Brand It

Image Solutions Apparel was founded in 1998 when Netsuite was still named NetLedger. Mike Spencer shortly became Image Solution's primary Netsuite support and as they grew KotN was brought in for scripting and automation support. Image Solutions provides corporate branded merchandise and runs over 30 branded B2B websites using Netsuite's multi-site capabilities and KotN's support. Noteworthy projects that contribute to Image Solutions ability to grow with minimal new overhead:

  • Extended Website Configuration: Corporations have different data gathering needs and Image Solutions is able to add rapidly add customer requested features to their sites. Budget Programs, required employee id fields, residential/business ship-to flagging etc may all be configured through a custom record attached to each website.
  • Embroidery Options: A business selling branded merchandise has to offer many types of apparel customization. Tools built by KotN allow Image Solutions to rapidly offer different modes of customization detail entry and that data entry is coordinated with automated generation of linked embroidery POs.
  • 3PL Integration: Image Solutions has integrated directly with suppliers who use Web Services based EDI. KotN has written connectors to allow Image Solutions to send POs directly to their largest raw garment supplier.
  • Order Approval: Employee purchase programs frequently need approvals from within the parent organization. KotN provided a lightweight means to set up customer based approval hierarchies. Web side security and order display is handled by code written by KotN while the next approver process is handled by SuiteFlows set up by KotN. Using workflows for the approval process means that Image Solutions employees can set up approvals for new corporate customers without having to re-script anything.
  • Single Sign-On: Netsuite continues to make advances in this area of modern technology. However before Netsuite enable SAML for web stores KotN was able to provide one of Image Solutions' largest corporate customers with SAML integration to their branded apparel store through an external SAML service tied to Netsuite's inbound single sign-on.

Netsuite Paladin

Since 2001 KotN has dealt with dozens of customers with unique customization needs. Some of the activities not mentioned below include: project management and time-tracking extensions; various types of workflow modules; data import and export automation; custom task based entry screens; etc. KotN has dealt with all the 'Suites' of Netsuite customization and integration - SuiteScript; SuiteTalk; SuiteFlow; SuiteCloud.

3PL Integration

KotN has developed a number of 3PL solutions for Netsuite customers. Some of these are as simple as generating a CSV file on a schedule with the CSV being only slightly more complex than what can be achieved with a saved search. The CSV is emailed to an employee for upload to an FTP site. KotN can also provide an FTP gateway for such files to keep all operations hands-free.

KotN has helped customers automate transmission and receipt of item fullfillments, ship notices, returns, inventory movements, invoicing etc.

3PL Integration - Stock Updates

Loco X was a motocross themed apparel retailer. Setting customer expectations as to delivery times was a key for custome service. The problem was they sourced their apparel from 5 different wholesalers. KotN set up a process to load daily stock status from from these wholesalers so that delivery times could be accurately shown on their web site.

PayPal Integration

Customers of an on-line Christmas tree retailer use PayPal extensively. KotN integrated the client's sales order processing to pull PayPal's extended customer information (e.g. Protection Eligibility) to assist with order approval. KotN also automated dealing with PayPal voids and refunds to reduce the overhead of dealing with PayPal based orders.

Another customer wanted all their PayPal and PayFlowPro charges to be reflected on their sales orders as a negative value line item. This allowed them more precision as to actual profitability for their orders. KotN wrote scripts to process the sales' payment event records and update the orders.

High Value One-Off Sales

A dealer of antique coins needed a way to manage inventory when almost every item was unique. KotN created a way to accept purchase of a coin (for sale or consignment) and have it go into stock as a new item. Processes were put in place to negotiate a price with the consigner and to ensure each coin was inspected and approved before it could appear on the web site.

Web Site Extensions

I have been dealing with Nesuite web sites since 2001. To my knowledge I wrote the first web site hack published on the NS user group; it allowed for limiting the list of ship to countries. Things have progressed since then...

Advanced Searches

This and shipping rules have been among the most requested web site enhancements. KotN has added faceted product search to a number of websites. For example a product selector or an expanded matrix selector showing stock status. Custom searches can be set up for any type of records including custom records. KotN has developed a custom item search widget which includes paging and customer price level support so custom searches may be added quickly to your site.

Shipping Rules

KotN has been adding flexibility to setting up Netsuite's shipping options since 2001. Many times a business needs shipping method filtering based on the customer or mix of items in the cart (or both). KotN has developed solutions in this space for a number customers.

Freight Calculation

KotN has built integrated freight calculators for Pizza Ovens and Murchison Hume. Both use real time APIs for the freight aggregator or post office.


Netsuite's matrix items are sometimes too limited to achieve your desired user experience. Some of the most requested features KotN has implemented include:

  • actually removing drop-down options based on stock status
  • allowing item selection by radio buttons instead of drop downs
  • image swaps

KotN has also provided matrix like selection on an item page for cases where Netsuite's matrixes are either too limited or just can't work.

Role Based Info Display

Lab Learning wanted to include information on their site that was targeted to customers logged in with a particular role. Another developer had tried the well known technique of including all the information on a page but hiding it by default and then using a script to show it by detecting the role. Unfortunately the audience for the site included students who, by nature, were inquisitive enough to figure out how to view all the privileged information. Lab Learning turned to KotN to put together a system that dynamically added information to their pages based on the login. The system allowed web developers to create new pages with privileged information without having to change scripts.

Single Page Login/Registration

Both Lab Learning and For The Riders were unhappy with Netsuite's many page web registration process. KotN was able to ease their pain by incorporating a registration form on the login page. This was before the release of Netsuite's SSP technology and KotN also does SSP.

What's your Quest?

KotN has been developing expertise in web technologies since 1997. I did AJAX (with QuickBase and IE6) before the term was coined and have been pushing the boundaries of Netsuite's web technology for a long time. Fantail brings Netsuite web sites into the modern age.

Whatever your need for a Netsuite web site if you wonder “Can this be done with Netsuite?” my answer is probably “Yes it can”.