There are a number of ways you to reach me to discuss your project.

  • I can be reached by phone at my office at 250-792-3530
  • I often try to help out on stackoverflow. You can see some of my Netsuite related posts here
  • You can engage us through Upwork. This is a great channel for small or “ et to know you” jobs since Upwork offers: transparency into the work being done; a dispute resolution service; past customer feedback and low (time) overhead billing and payments.
  • Send an email to

Open Projects

I've made a number of Netsuite related scripts and script files available on GitHub. These include a couple of batch script processing libraries and Typescript definitions for Netsuite's API.

Netsuite's field coverage decisions are sometimes odd. There are fields that are available on records that are not available for search. One such is the item template field. I created a SuiteBundle to deal with this. In your Netsuite account find bundle #41518 “Shadow Item Template”


I have been a full time software developer for business systems since 1997. Before that I worked for a little over a decade splitting my time between Control Systems engineering and database backed client-server development.

I started dealing with Netsuite in 2001 and have been concentrating on Netsuite development since 2008.

I picked up a job integrating Netsuite with Shopify in late 2014. Having previously worked with Magento and X-Cart I was impressed by Shopify's clean and efficient API. I find that Shopify offers a great value for small and medium sized businesses and I've been able to help a number of Shopify businesses provide a better web experience for their customers and to streamline their order and product handling.

I am certainly happy to discuss work outside of Netsuite and Shopify. In addition to Netsuite I have done extensive development on QuickBase and have done quite a bit of business oriented Java, VB, SQL, JavaScript and PHP.